Meet the Cheeky Pads Reducing my Plastic Use

Find out how I’m cutting my plastic use with one simple swipe.

Cheeky Wipes Luxury Make up removal kit£20.95 

As a micellar water lover I go through cotton pads like there is no tomorrow which meant my plastic use was through the roof! So my wonderful sister gifted me with some Cheeky Wipes for my birthday and they are just amazing – yes I know the micellar water is in a plastic bottle but I’m getting there with cutting down my plastic and finding more eco friendly alternatives.

They are made of bamboo which is not only soft but grips onto makeup and takes it off easily. I use it just like a cotton pad, soak a little micellar water on the pad, hold on the eye for a few seconds and then swipe to remove. Then I just pop it straight in the machine ready for when the next wash goes on. They also work well with oil based cleansers and cream cleansers. It’s like a flannel except you can use micellar water with it and it’s a little softer on the skin. The kit comes with coconut oil (which i’m not using as a cleanser but I am using as a lip balm) and a handy box to keep everything in ready for use.


Cheeky Wipes Washable Cloth Bamboo Minky Baby Wipes£6.50

She also gifted me with the double sided wipes square wipes, Bamboo viscose on one side, luxuriously soft Minky on the other. Bamboo is super absorbent and it’s also naturally anti-bacterial which is an added bonus! I prefer to use these for taking off face masks as I’m not removing dirt just product.These are actually for use on babies and toddlers but they work just as well on your face.

So if you’re looking to stop creating so much waste when taking your make up off as well as saving a ton of money these are the item for you. I’ve got my eye on their period pants, and sanitary towels to try next! If you’ve got a little one at home this brand is definitely worth a look.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Cheeky Pads Reducing my Plastic Use

  1. I love that you’re trying to play a role with reducing plastic use. These reusable wipes are great! Perfect since you can reuse it so many times without contributing to waste. Love that they’re affordable too.

    Nancy ♥

    1. Hi Nancy, Thank you for reading 🙂 they are the perfect item to have in your makeup stash and will save me a lot of money in the long run. Kate x

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