How I Avoid Waking Up and Not Knowing What to Wear

Inspiration is all around us.

Last week I spoke about how I was more of a style blogger than a fashion blogger and today we are turning our attention to where I get my style inspiration from. No one is completely original, everyone is inspired by something or someone and I am a sucker for scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest to find inspiration for my next outfit. It’s a mix of celebrities, bloggers and people I know; sometimes it’s a full on recreation other times it’s a sprinkling of items.


Stacey Dooley

Not only is Stacey the most amazing journalist she has an awesome sense of style. It’s an amazing combination of gorgeous basics with just the right amount of accessories. I love all the neutrals she wears and how everything looks so effortlessly chic.

The Anna Edit

I’m sure most people know who Anna is so this won’t come as to much of a shock as she has such a chic style. She is a capsule wardrobe queen and always has the perfect mix of patterns and textures in her outfits. I also love the fact that she really values comfort which is super important in my own styling. Also her blog is always packed full of useful tips and she works on a variety of budgets which is always nice in very much designer saturated blog world.

My Mum

My mum has always been a stylish lady, although she refuses to admit it! Her wardrobe is full of classic pieces from before I was even born and my love of life long pieces definitely comes from her. She has taught me the importance of feeling comfortable in my style and that a long sleeved thermal vest is the best thing you could possibly buy.

The Little Magpie

Amy has such a funky sense of style and she always accessorises perfectly. If you are in need of hat inspiration she is your girl. She wears a lot more colour than me but any bright colour pops I have in my wardrobe have been inspired by her!


Rosie Londoner

Rosie has the most gorgeous and elegant style. It’s a little more sophisticated than my day to day look but for party wear and good knitwear inspiration she is the woman to go to. She loves navy blue as much as I do and always has the most beautiful shoes on.

Honourable mentions: Allegra Shaw|What Eva Wears|In The Frow|Karlie Kloss.

Who are your style inspirations?

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