Meet the Product Transforming my Shower Routine

Lazy girls (and guys) rejoice this is the perfect product for us.


Body Shop Banana Body Yoghurt£8.50

No reader you are not confused I am dedicating an entire blog post to one body moisturiser. I am in love with this product, it has changed my night time shower routine! Now as far as I am aware the Banana one is limited edition but luckily I’m talking about the formula not the scent (although the scent is bloody amazing)

I am a night shower type of a girl. I get back from the gym, jump in the shower and immediately want to get into bed and sleep, so taking the time to moisturise my entire body used to get forgotten a lot! Having to make sure you are completely dry was just not on the agenda. This Body Yoghurt can be applied to wet skin and will still absorb and moisturise, without leaving you feeling tacky. It’s a gel like formula which leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised. So you can hop out of the shower and moisturise straight away, perfect if you are lazy like me! You can also use this product when your skin isn’t damp it still absorbs quickly on dry skin as well and leaves it feeling just as nourished.

All of the Body Yoghurts are 100% vegan, made with 100% community traded almond milk from Spain. I have my eye on the British Rose scent when my vast stack of moisturises is finished.

Are you a night time or a morning shower person?

6 thoughts on “Meet the Product Transforming my Shower Routine

  1. I love it when there are creams that don’t make you feel tacky. Glad you liked the moisturizer! I haven’t shopped at The Body Shop before but I keep reading great things about this. I shower both in the morning and night but the heavy work comes in at night :).

    Nancy ♥

    1. Body Shop is a brand that just keeps moving with the times and it’s amazing! I would recommend all their shower products, hand creams, lip balms and face masks. I am yet to try their hair care

      Kate x

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