Whirlwind Weekend at Disneyland Paris

Back at the happiest place on earth…

You may have noticed over on my social media that I took a little trip to one of the happiest places on earth, Disneyland Paris. I’ve done a couple of trips on the blog now so I thought I’d condense this trip into a little travel guide for you. I got a little bit of stick before I left for the weekend because people think it’s just for kids but it’s also a great couples destination or girls holiday! Plus do what makes you happy and if thats skipping down main street, with a big grin on your face and Disney music filling your ears then nothing should stop you!



How To Get Around & Where To Stay

We jumped on the Eurostar from St Pancras on Friday afternoon after taking a half day at work and zipped through the tunnel into sunny france, after a quick change at Lille we were in Disneyland. The train means that you walk out of the station and are there with all the sweet treats, colourful parades and mouse meeteups right in front of you whereas if you fly you have to do a coach journey before you can stat the adventure – I have done this in the past and it wasn’t awful but Eurostar really cuts down on the hassle.

We checked into Santa Fe hotel, it’s the least expensive hotel so perfect if you’re on a budget, the rooms are clean, Pixar Cars themed and walking distance from the park.I would love to stay in the Disneyland Castle Hotel but I don’t think my budget is ever going to stretch that far but a girl can keep on dreaming. However when at Disney you often only go to sleep and wake up in the hotel room so I honestly don’t mind where I stay.


Where To Eat

Food at Disney is certainly not gourmet, well none of the places I’ve ever eaten – hence not so many photos. We paid for half board which includes breakfast and one meal a day so lunch was the only thing we had to dig into our pockets for whilst in the park and there is plenty of places to choose from. Breakfast is not the healthiest option, if you’re a greek yoghurt and honey girl or fresh fruit salad this might not be on the cards unless you want to pay extra but I’m very much a coffee and pastry girl so I was all set with a sugar rush for a day in the parks.

For lunch we dined at The Rainforest Cafe, in Disney Village. Decent portion sizes, something to suit everyone and not disgustingly expensive so was the perfect choice plus it took me back to my childhood. The dream is to dine at the cute Ratatouille restaurant in Walt Disney Studios but I think that will have to wait till next time. Dinner we stayed at the hotel for convenience for an all you can eat buffet but you can also dine in the parks. The food is good, nothing to write home about and again healthy options are a little scarce but hey you’re on holiday so who cares!

If you want ice cream get yourself to Gibson Girls Ice Cream Parlour for some delicious Ben & Jerrys with a Mickey wafer – Strawberry Cheesecake is a winner!


Where To Explore

Disneyland is such a personal experience, and with so much to do I could spend weeks in the happiest place on earth. If you’re more into meeting characters then make sure you’ve got water and snacks for the queues because sometimes it can take a little bit of time to get to the front of queue. Walt Disney Studios as got a cool new app where you can book your space in the queue for some of the characters which was such a good idea and saved us having to wait around to meet Mickey Mouse.


If rollercoasters and rides are more your thing then you are in luck because there are plenty. My favourites include Crushes Coaster – Walt Disney Studios, Thunder Mountain – Frontier Land, Studio Tram Tours – Walt Disney Studios, Toy Story Parachute Drop – Walt Disney Studios, Autopia – Discovery Land. If you are with someone who loves roller coasters but you’re not such a big fan. lots of them have a single rider line which moves a lot faster and you can watch them happily whilst having an ice-cream. Again queues can be a little bit long so if you can get a fast pass do it because it will cut down the waiting time. If any of the rides are 20mins or less get in the queue because that is a luxury!



I love a parade and the new 25th Anniversary one is not to be missed! At 5:30 every day everyone floods to main street – get their early and stake your claim on a bit of pavement. If you’ve missed seeing any characters during the day this is your time to make up for it and don’t think that just because your an adult they won’t come up to speak to you, give them a wave and a smile and they will bound right over to you! If you’re staying for multiple days and you’ve already caught the parade then use this time wisely to get on as many rides as possible!


For the evenings entertainment when the sun finally goes down the whole castle is lit up in an extraordinary light show. The current 25th Anniversary one is beautiful and showcases their best films throughout the 25 years, the crowd sings along and you can’t help but smile before falling into bed ready to start another action packed day!


I’m already planning my next trip to Disneyland – I just can’t help myself. It’s a great weekend get away, plus if you go for longer why not make a trip to Paris itself! Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, clear out some space on your camera roll and dig out those Mickey Mouse ears.

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