Four Highlights from June

The best bits of the month… 

June, was an amazing month. Hence why this highlights post is a little late because I’ve just been all over the place having a great time, even at work. The weather has been awesome in the last few weeks and the freckles have come out play, even though I’m smothered in factor 50. I dug into the archives of America’s Next Top Model on my nights off which I thoroughly enjoyed and also got a little obsessed with Queer Eye on Netflix – I know, I know a little late to the bandwagon! Plus two of my favourite brands recognised me on Instagram…month made!

Here are my four June highlights…


Celebrated the Mr’s birthday.Technically we celebrated this back in April but when his actual birthday rolled round I couldn’t help but treat him to a special meal and a couple of cocktails. We dined at Mac & Wild and spent the evening wandering back through London hand in hand watching the sun go down.

Went to Ascot with the girls. I had never thought of going to the races before but when a gal pal suggested it I decided to follow along and surprisingly had a lovely time. I had a little flutter on the horses, lost all my money and got to wear my trusty two piece.


Went to Disneyland Paris. Possibly the best part of this month was my trip to Disneyland, which is why this post is late. I spent the weekend racing around like a big kid in the sunshine hanging out with Mickey Mouse and screaming my head off on Thunder Mountain. People scoffed when I said I was going to Disneyland but they just don’t understand that it’s the happiest place on earth. Plus when you add in two of your best friends it’s even happier! Already planning my next trip.

Just relaxed.Sometimes I come home from work and think I should be doing something, almost like I have homework. However in June I took the time to just have me time. Whether it’s 15mins watching rubbish on television or a relaxing bath or lip synching to Legally Blonde the Musical taking a moment just for yourself is the most refreshing thing and can help put things into perspective.


July this month is looking a little bit more relaxed and less hectic. Celebrating my mums birthday, Hampton Court Flower Show and wishing I was back in Disneyland.

What are you looking forward to in July?

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