Can a Salad be Healthy and Delicious?

Looking for a quick, easy and healthy dinner tonight? Then look no further!

In a bid to eat slightly healthier than we have so far this year the Mr created this amazing asian inspired salad and I knew that I just had to share it with everyone, it’s going to be perfect when the weather perks up and if you’re lucky enough to have a garden I can imagine a lovely bottle of Gavi chilling, a few friends and a huge bowl of this in the centre of the table. It’s super easy to whip up and most of the hard work is in the prepping.

Serves two

First up, marinade the prawns in some soy sauce or teriyaki plus a little bit of sesame oil and put to one side. Make the dressing by popping all the ingredients into a cup or a jug and whisking them up together, then put all the other ingredients apart from the prawns into a large bowl and mix it all together, add the dressing and mix again. Then pan fry the prawns.


Once the prawns are cooked plate everything up, scatter a few extra sesame seeds and chopped peanuts on top, add a wedge of lime for added zing and serve. Possible one the easiest dishes ever. Packed full of protein, vitamins and low in saturated fats. If you’re not a big seafood fan then thin strips of chicken would also work or Quorn pieces if you want to keep it veggie.


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