An Escape to the Countryside with My Wonderful Mum

A snapshot of the most glorious weekend away in Wiltshire

My mum is quite possibly the most amazing woman I have ever met, so to say thank you to her for putting up with me being an absolute pain in the neck for ¾ of my life I took her away to Wiltshire for a Mother’s Day weekend.  I had fully intended on getting 2 full blog posts out of this trip with beautiful photos of rolling countryside, cosy cups of tea, homemade cake and me looking like I just stepped out of a Jack Wills catalogue. However I was too busy racing around with no make up on, hair frizzing in the drizzle and laughing at my mums hilarious jokes that I can only offer you this postcard of our wonderful weekend.



We kicked off the adventure after a brief trip on the motorway at Stourhead where we spent a fun early afternoon exploring the follies in the garden, the rain drizzled as we climbed up to the Temple of Apollo, around the lake to the Gothic Cottage and sought shelter in the Grotto. After a quick bite to eat we roamed about the beautiful house trying to piece together the rather confusing family tree before exhausted we hopped back into the car and sped off for our home for the night.


The Lamb, nestled in the quiet village of Hindon it’s a traditional english pub with beautiful boutique rooms above it. Granted it’s a little bit creaky but I thought that added to the charm and I still got a good nights sleep. Nespresso machine, Sky TV, free wifi and some delicious flapjack bites made fresh I will definitely make another trip in the future, plus the staff are delightful. We took a little walk round the village – not a lot going on but a great resting place for the night before returning to the pub ready for dinner with my sister and her husband.


The food was not the greatest I’ve ever had, not bad but also not something to write home about however the company and a strong G&T made up for it. We chatted through the evening before they returned home and Mum and I popped upstairs and sunk into the comfiest beds.


Refreshed we set off for Salisbury for a quick bit of wandering before heading home to London. Starting off with a potter around the cathedral and a cup of coffee in the refectory. It’s absolutely stunning and although we didn’t see inside, it’s a very impressive piece of history. We will definitely be back to take a look inside. 


Just on the other side of the green is Mompesson House it’s another National Trust property although slightly less grand than Stourhead. It has a much more family feel to the place and we happily walked from room to room picking which bedroom we would have and which of the ghastly figurines we would get rid of!The rain had stopped so we managed to enjoy the pretty walled garden before heading into the tiny little tea room at the end of the garden for a delicious bowl of soup with a cheese scone and a cheeky slice of lemon drizzle plus of course buckets of tea.


Full to the brim with food and historical facts – not all that are useful, we set off back to London and soon enough my mum was dropping me off at my front door and we were back to reality. So not the glossy two page spread I was expecting but one of the happiest weekends of barely looking at my phone, giggling like a maniac and singing Josh Groban at the top of our lungs.

Thanks mum for being the best and I can’t wait for another adventure!

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