Experience the Delights of Thailand in an Afternoon

Transport yourself from the freezing concrete jungle of London to the lush and vibrant shores of Thailand at Kew’s Orchid Festival.

Let’s face it a trip to Kew Gardens doesn’t exactly sound ideal what with it being arctic temperatures and rather drizzly in London. However if you hurry through the elements and into the Princess of Wales Conservatory you can strip off some layers and imagine that you’re are taking a pleasant stroll through Thailand.


Once you step through the doors and take off your coat you already feel a few degrees warmer and your eyes start to adjust to the ornate and colourful surroundings. As you weave your way through the crowds and displays you learn how orchid’s are incredibly important in Thai cooking, medicine and culture.


There is something almost magical about the atmosphere as if you’ve stepped into a hotter and more colourful Narnia. The orchids on display don’t even look real with their vibrant colours, beautiful patterns and the ability to almost grow in thin air.

Thailand is the perfect inspiration for this years festival as they have over 1,100 species of Orchid with new ones being discovered each year. As well as the stunning visual displays, they have created special soundscapes so that you can really immerse yourself in the experience.



Dungarees – New Look (similar)|Top – C/O Tobi*|Shoes – Converse via Office|Sunglasses – Max&Co C/O Specsavers (similar on a budget|similar splurge pair)|Bag – Eastpak via ASOS.

If you can beat the crowds by going on a weekday then I would highly recommend it but it’s still enjoyable if a little squashed at the weekend. We visited on opening weekend and are already planning a trip back in March in hope the crowds will have died down a little. However as the experience is very immersive the crowds don’t ruin it you may just have to be a little British and queue for a short while to get into the next section but being surround by beautiful flowers makes it a little less frustrating.

Check out my post from last years festival where we took a little afternoon trip to India.

*Some of this outfit contains items that were very kindly sent to me, styling and thoughts are my own.

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