Kew Orchid Festival

Take a trip to India at Kew Gardens. 

The Orchid Festival is now over I managed to catch the last weekend but it will be back next year plus these photos are just pretty to look at I couldn’t not share!

On a rather grey and dreary day the mum and I set off for Kew Gardens; not the normal rainy day activity but we were off to see the Orchid Festival which is held in the Princess Diana Glasshouse, this year the theme was India.

Not only are there spectacular displays they’ve also added a soundscape so you can really immerse yourself and feel like you’ve stepped into the streets and temples of India.

Even if you’re not a big orchid fan there are some beautiful photo opportunities it’s worth it just for that!

Once we had smelt every flower we could we headed over to The Kew Greenhouse Cafe for some lunch!

If you can get a seat in the conservatory then do it but more importantly get a slice of the pie. Whatever the flavour it’s going to be good trust me!

Bacon and Cheese Pie with a side of vegetables, good old fashioned hearty food washed down with a cup of tea; but make sure you leave room for dessert!

Lemon Meringue Pie and a huge slice at that, good for sharing. Or not!

I will definitely be heading back to the Orchid Festival next year and you should check it out as well.

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