New CID Crystal Quartz

If it’s going to be glittery it better be gold. 

New CID Cosmetics i-colour in Crystal Quartz£16.00

After writing my re-purchasables post and realising that I had never blogged about this beauty I decided that it was high time I raved about it in its own post.

I am very much a mattes lover when it comes to eye shadow however this little gem has been finding it’s way onto my eyes every special occasion. It’s advertised as a cream eye shadow but I would describe it as more of a mousse like texture which means it’s very easy to apply and blend. It dries down to almost powder formula so you have to blend quite fast but it means that it doesn’t move about on the eyes.


I find it’s easiest to apply with your fingers, pop the product onto the inner corner before blending it into the centre of the lid perfect with rust colours and browns in the crease. It’s more metallic than glitter which suits me and means I can work it into my routine a lot easier. I am already looking at investing in the Chocolate Opal shade of this product to go with more smokey eyes but there are 8 shades to pick from so something for everyone. If you like the Maybelline Colour Tattoo but want something cruelty free then these are a great alternative.

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