It’s Flower Show Time

It’s that time of year again, a day at The Hampton Court Flower Show

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you’ll know that it’s tradition for my mum and I to go to the Hampton Court Flower Show every year for her birthday. As my mum is a member of the RHS we managed to go on the second day so I thought I’d give everyone a sneak peak if they are heading that way this week.

As always they have started everything off with the conceptual gardens; this year with the theme of ‘Gardens of a Changing World’ I normally don’t like these gardens as they are a little too wacky and for the most part I felt the same this year, however I loved this one ‘Mircale/Elements of Life’. There is something very tranquil but thought provoking about it.

We wandered past the main shopping bit and towards the show gardens.


My favourite thing about the flower show is going to get inspiration for my mums small garden and ‘Colourbox’ was the perfect example of this. I love the metal sheet with the cutout creating an almost stained glass window effect.

The Zoflora and Caudwell Children’s Wild Garden is my sort of a garden, it’s full of interactive fun including a tree house and a mini trampoline plus it’s a little more wild and a lot less structured than some of the other more formal show gardens.

The last garden I want to give you a sneak peak of is the Blind Veterans UK one because it is just beautiful and not just visually but the meaning and design behind it as well.

The garden celebrates the vibrancy and activities of the beneficiaries, volunteers and staff at Blind Veterans UK. It is a community garden that brings together everyone involved in the charity as well as offering sensory stimulus to those with vision impairment as much as everyone involved in the garden.’

Slightly exhausted from the first half of our day we settled down for some lunch with the most beautiful view – trust me there was some frantic racing for this table in front of the water and i’m not even ashamed of myself!

After getting all the inspiration from the show gardens we popped over to the Floral Marquee to start buying things – don’t forget to take cash with you as lots of places don’t take card! The best things about all the stalls is that everyone serving is an expert so you can find out all the things you need to know whilst buying the product.

Skirt – Zara|Top – Miss Selfridge|Glasses – Max&Co c/o Specsavers.

Yes I have worn this outfit before in Vegas, yes this day was hotter than america!


Arms laden down with new plants and brains full of ideas we headed home ready to start planting the next day.

If you haven’t got tickets for this years flower show then make sure you book next year or check out the others throughout the year.

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