Why I won’t be buying NARS anymore

Because sometimes people make bad decisions. 

So if you hadn’t already heard the news NARS is going to start selling to China which means they are no longer cruelty free. For some people they may only have one or two items in their collection that they won’t be able to repurchase however 80% of my most loved products are NARS, plus they were a great brand for pale skinned girls so their decision to sell to China means a lot of people will have to rethink their base products.

I thought to help anyone else who might be thinking what in the hell am I going to wear on my face now I would share my other favourite cruelty free products that i’ll be replacing my NARS ones with.


Base wise I still love the New Cid Tinted Moisturiser I currently have in my collection but I think i’ll definitely be re-investing in the Illamasqua Skin Base as it has buildable coverage and an amazing shade range, it’s not as dewy as the NARS Sheer Glow but it’s got great longevity, i’ve also got my eye on the Charlotte Tilbury bases as ones to try; so if anyone has any experience with them let me know!


I only just bought the NARS Matte Multiple, literally like two days before they announced they were selling so I won’t need to replace this too soon however the Topshop Cream Blushers are a great matte cream product as well as Sleek blushers on the high street. Although they are not multi tasking products they are great blushers and can be built up or blended out to suit you as an individual.


NARS highlighters are beautiful and their one in Reckless was my favourite it was the perfect subtle glow on the cheeks. Slightly more pigmented but equally beautiful is the Soap&Glory Peach Party – also a lot less expensive and the No7 Skin Illuminator another great high street option for that subtle glow but I do also have my eye on the Illamasqua highlighters.

I have also tried NARS lipsticks and eyeshadows however their are already so many good products in this category on the market replacing them is not as heartbreaking. There has already been a lot of uproar on the internet about them selling out but the more we speak out the more we get the message through that testing on animals is wrong!

What products are you going to miss the most?

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