Smart Casual Dungarees

Can dungarees be part of a smart casual look? 


Dungarees – New Look (similar)|Shirt – Brandy Melville (similar)|Shoes – Miss KG (similar).

When the family all gets together, as the youngest whose not actually a child and who has no children I am put in charge of the children for the day to give their parents a break – ply me with a large gin&tonic and I will keep your children entertained.

 Dressing for this is key because trust me i’ve tried to do it in a maxi dress and it ends up in a big mess so dungarees are my go to. However their not exactly the smartest item in my wardrobe. Normally my dungarees have a crop top and trainers with them but I swapped these out for a soft white shirt – shirt equals smart almost immediately, and some classic black heels. These ones have a block heel so I can run after little ones without sinking into the grass. Voila dungarees for a smart casual event.

This outfit would also be great for drinks with friends or date night.

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