Cream Horns and Beauty Products

Cream Tea at Maids of Honour

The best way to celebrate birthdays is with a heck of a lot of cake! 

Blogger at Maids of Honour

My sister turned 27 at the weekend so to celebrate she travelled down from Bristol to have a girly weekend.

Selection of cakes at Maids of Honour

J like me loves a good old fashioned cream tea so we headed off to The Maids of Honour with my mum and some friends.

Scones with jam at Maids of Honour Cream tea at Maids of Honour

Check out my last trip to The Maids of Honour here.

Cream Horn at Maids of Honour

We filled ourselves up with Scones smothered in cream and jam as well as indulging in Maids of Honour Tarts and Cream Horns, washed down with copious cups of tea. 
Blogger outfit for afternoon tea

Shirt – Joy (on sale right now)|Jeans – ASOS|Shoes – Converse via Office|Coat – H&M (similar)

Cloudy Sunset

We headed back to my mums house for the evening entertainment.

My Showcase EventMy Showcase TableMy Showcase Products

A MyShowcase evening, hosted by the wonderful Ellie Prestwich.

MyShowcase is a platform for people to discover great brands and products that are from independent entrepreneurs that really work. They cover beauty, skin care, health and bath products as well so something for everyone. A lovely lady will come to your house and talk you through the products before letting you and your guests have a play around. There is no obligation to buy anything but trust me you won’t be able to resist!

I’ve reviewed a fair few products i’ve bought through MyShowcase including:

Aurelia Miracle Cleanser|Antonia Burrell Mask Supreme|Instant Effects Instant Lip|MDM Flow Lipstick|New Cid Foundation.

Blogger singing Happy BirthdayBirthday Girl blowing out candles

We finished the night with more cake before rolling ourselves home with our purses a little lighter than when we arrived but excited for our new goodies to arrive!

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