Lovely Day for a Guinness

Blogger by Guinness Gate

It wouldn’t be a trip to Dublin without a pint or two of Guinness. 

Dublin Castle in JanuaryDublin Castle ArchwayInside Dublin Castle

Dublin like London is steeped full of history so we started our day with an educational tour round Dublin Castle.

Dublin Castle InteriorDublin Castle Main HallBlogger by Dublin Castle

Coat – Jack Wills (similar)|Jeans – ASOS|Boots – Timberland|Hat – River Island (similar)|Scarf – H&M (similar)

I won’t go into the details of the history, i’ll leave that up to you to discover but the cool thing about it is it’s still used today.

Peacock Green Coffee HousePeacock Green Food


Stomachs were rumbling so we headed to Peacock Green for lunch; we had discovered it on the first day when we popped in for coffee and agreed to come back to sample the amazing looking food, it lived up to its looks. Turkey BLT for him and a Tuna and Avocado bagel for me.

Blogger Boyfriend by ST James GateTiny Blogger by St James GateBloggers Boyfriend at Guinness tour

As soon as we booked our flights we then booked our Guinness Storehouse tickets, something that the Mr was really excited about and I thought I was just going along for the ride but I actually really enjoyed myself.

Inside the Guinness StorehouseGuinness ContractInside the Guinness Storehouse TourBrewers are precious about their waterBlogger at Guinness StorehouseWaterfall at Guinness StorehouseGuinness BarrellsGuinness Statue

If you’re not a Guinness lover it’s still worth a visit just for the building and design.

Guinness Tasting Rooms EntranceGuinness Flavour FountainTasting GuinnessBlogger with Guinness at StorehouseBTS at Guinness Storehouse

One of my favourite parts of the tour was the Tasting Rooms, four flavour fountains present water, malt, roasted barley and hops in vapour form, after inhaling each one you are presented with a miniature Guinness to see which ingredients you can taste the most.

Guinness Storehouse Advertising RoomBlogger at Guinness Storehouse Advertising RoomGuinness Storehouse Advertising RoomGuinness Storehouse Advertising RoomGuinness Storehouse Advertising Room

Guinness is famous for it’s advertising slogans so the Advertising Floor was really fun and full of great photo opportunities.

The Guinness Storehouse2 Pints of Guinness

At the end of the tour you glide up to The Gravity Bar for a taste of the good stuff.

Blogger drinking GuinnessBlogger at Gravity Bar

My first pint of Guinness, which I surprisingly enjoyed, I think you can tell that from my face.

Blogger Boyfriend at Gravity Bar

The Mr looking much cooler with his pint.

Dinner at The Ivy Dublin

That evening we dined at The Ivy, fantastic food, not so good service but if you do go try the Lamb Stew it’s amazing.

Doughnuts from Aungier Danger

We finished dinner off in our room with doughnuts from Aungier Danger a few doors down from Kellys Hotel. I washed mine down with a cup of tea and a whiskey for the Mr.

*We also visited Dublinia and The National Leprechaun Museum both great places I would highly recommend.

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