PopSocket Marble

I’m not usually a gimmick kind of a gal but the PopSocket is more than just a trend, its useful! 

PopSocket UK

Before you all think i’ve gone completely loopy, I spotted PopSockets whilst watching YouTube and a couple of my favourites had this, well thing on the back of their phone. I did some googling and discovered the handy little PopSocket and I couldn’t resist getting one.

Blogger with PopSocket

You simply ‘pop’ it on the back of your phone and you’ve suddenly got better grip, perfect when you have a phone almost as big as your face and small hands. As someone who rather enjoys taking a selfie, before quickly deleting this really helps and its also great if you like to watch YouTube in the bath because you can prop it up without the fear of it falling over and sliding into the bubbles.

They come in lot’s of different designs so you can match it to your lifestyle.

One thought on “PopSocket

  1. This is a really good idea! I love functional phone cases/ accessories, particularly those indestructible phone cases that a lot of the 15 year old boys I know have! It’s interesting to think that whilst you can have lots of different artworks on a phone case, sometime’s that’s not enough to truly suit someone’s lifestyle. We’ve all come to accept the shape that phones are but I must admit, even if they’re beautiful I find them pretty difficult to hold! This has opened my eyes to a new option so thank you for that.

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