New Year, New Hair Care Routine

Blogger Hair Care Routine

2017 is going to be the year of getting my hair back on track, or at least attempting to.

Whatkatedidnext Haircare Routine

LUSH Shampoo Bar|Percy&Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Mask|Percy&Reed No Oil Oil |Superdrug Pro Vitamin Conditioner.

Just a quick note; I was not aware that Nicky Clarke was not cruelty free as I had bought it off a website that I thought only sold CF products I double checked whilst typing this blog post and discovered that it is not CF, in its place I would highly recommend the Superdrug Heat Protect Spray. I will not be talking about the Nicky Clarke it will only appear in photos.

Blogger with Short Auburn Hair

I am always looking to take good care of my hair, I’m just not very good at it and when I went cruelty free it took me a long time to find products that worked. I put all sorts of lotions and potions on my face but tend to neglect my hair and seeing as I’ve been colouring it since I was about 14, it’s about time I started to look after it and you know new year, new me and all that jazz, I thought this would be an ideal time to share my current hair care routine.

CF Shampoo and Conditioner

To actually clean my hair I love using the LUSH Shampoo Bars, I tend to go for either Jason and the Aragon Oil (pictured above) or Seanik these lather up just as well as a normal liquid shampoo and I think make my hair squeaky clean plus they have a less chemicals in them so they don’t coat the hair as much. Moving onto conditioner the Superdrug Pro Vitamin Argan Oil Shine Conditioner – what a mouthful, is my go to. It’s inexpensive and makes my hair shiny and manageable, plus argon oil is great for your hair. If I feel like my hair needs some extra love and care, which is often then I whip out the Percy&Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Mask, this adds moisture and strength to parched, dry and damaged hair.

Styling Products

I only just got into using oils in my hair, I always thought it was weird to put oil into clean hair but the Percy&Reed No Oil Oil for Thick Hair is great for finishing off the ends if they are looking a little straggly and also great for sealing the cuticles when the hair is wet. You only need a tiny bit one pump will do so a little goes a long way. I don’t use these everyday mainly its just a quick shampoo and condition before getting on with my life but sometimes its good to give your hair some love and attention.

What are your go to hair products?

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