Pancakes, Street Art and Home Time


Before we knew it the last day of our mini break had arrived, we lounged in the comfort of the duvet as long as we could before setting off for our last day in bristol.


We started our day off with brunch at the fabulous Rocotillos on Queens Road; blueberry pancakes with bacon and swimming in maple syrup for me and Chicken Club sandwich for him washed down with milkshakes and a coffee.


Feeling rather full we decided to walk off our brunch by heading for Cabot Tower but stumbled upon a side street filled with street art.


Bristol is full of secret surprises.


After a short walk we arrived at Cabot Tower and forced our full stomachs up the stairs to some breath taking views of the city.


Feeling slightly less like over stuffed burritos we headed for the Bristol Aquarium.


Where we met Charlotte the lobster who was a beautiful shade of blue whilst her shell hardened.



We also fed some fish and marvelled at the beautifully coloured fish filling the tanks before realising that it was time to head home to London promising each other we would back to explore more.


Make sure you haven’t missed Day One and Day Two of our adventure.

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