As Twilight Falls, The Magic Begins…

If you’re not feeling in the festive mood yet then this blog post is guaranteed to get you in the Christmas mood.


Mum and I have made Christmas at Kew a tradition of ours, its such a lovely evening full of magic and festive spirit.


We kicked off the festivities with a quick bite to eat from one of the food stands, sweet potato chips. Crispy but fluffy on the inside.


Christmas at Kew if you haven’t heard of it is a magical Christmas walk in the dark with beautiful and festive illuminations lighting your way. Perfect for both adults and children.


Dotted along the way are various activities and spectacles; my favourite being the fire garden.


What I love is that its a mixture of media throughout, both electrical lights as well as natural illumination.


Half way through the walk there is a little pit stop full of festive food and drink including mulled beverages which I can never resist.


After re-fuelling on mulled cider and sugar covered doughnuts we set off to discover more magic.


How much more Wonderlandesque can you get, feel like I fell right down the rabbit hole!


Each instillation is designed by a different person meaning that there is a real variety as you explore the trail.


The grand finale comes as no surprise; a wonderful light show in front of the main glass house. After enjoying the magic hit the shops or more food stands to pick up some last minute Christmas gifts especially if you have any keen gardeners in your family.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

For more information and tickets click here.

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