MAC Products Worth the Hype


Satin Lipstick in M.A.C Red|Fluidline Liner in Blacktrack|Paintpot in Painterly.

When I first started blogging MAC was such a huge trend; if you weren’t talking about MAC then you weren’t worth reading however the hype seems to have died down a bit and now the real star products are shining through. I’m not the hugest fan of MAC mainly due to its price and lack of pale foundation shades but I have three products that I believe are worth the hype and I use them in both my own personal collection and also in my professional kit.

MAC lipsticks are amazing; the pigmentation, lasting power and colour range mean that there is something for everyone. I am a huge fan of the satin finish as it doesn’t dry your lips out but it isn’t super glossy.They are expensive but I am yet to find a high street dupe formula wise.

I love gel liner; it can be a bit fiddly if you are in a rush but overall I like the result better, Blacktrack by MAC is a gorgeous glossy black with amazing lasting power and smudge proof. It also doesn’t dry out easily in the pot – and seeing as I go through phases of wearing eyeliner this is a major plus point.

Painterly is a product that I first discovered whilst training to be a make up artist and I didn’t think much of it to begin with but it’s a must have for pale skin girls who want a smooth base for their eyeliner or eye shadow. It primes as well as cancelling out any discolouration on the lid and a little bit goes a long way!

What are your favourite MAC products?

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


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