New Year, Same Me, New Goals

Because if I put them out in the world I have to stick to them right?

Happy New Year everyone! (Yes I know we are a little into 2022 already but I’ve been sitting on the sofa eating my body weight in cheese and chocolate) I am not one for making resolutions, i’m more of a goals type of a girl as resolutions always feel like you are restricting yourself whereas goals are something to aim for and a little more positive. So without further ado here are my goals for 2022:

  • No new clothing items – I’m not doing a full no spend year like before but I am limiting myself to only second hand and making my own. Shoes are not included!
  • Start getting to bed earlier – I love sleep and I am an awful morning person so i’m hoping I can become better and getting the full amount of shut eye.
  • Read a book – I haven’t read a book since the pandemic started and for some reason I am setting myself the goal of 30 before I’m 30 (yes the big 3 0 is this year)
  • Stop saving my clothes for the weekend – I always limit what I wear to work to the same pieces and then end up in my pj’s at the weekend so I think it’s time to start wearing more of my wardrobe Mon- Fri.

Four goals that I should be able to achieve, as always I’ve said to myself I should get fitter again but I try not to obsess over it so not putting it as an official goal but aiming to get running again once the evenings lighten up and also want to up my water intake.

What are your goals for 2022?

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