Six Sustainable Stocking Fillers

Pssst. These work for secret santa too.

During my onlline browsing running up to the festive season I’ve been looking at what brands consider a stocking filler and have been shocked and suprised at how big the gifts are and expensive; £50 for a stocking filler, I think not! So here are six sustainable (and ethical) stocking filler ideas all under £15.

Christmas Ornaments

Homemade christmas decorations are the perfect gift, I used wooden babubles from Artcuts with some wooden letters from Etsy to create some lovely first christmas decorations for my friends and family with new babies (or a new home) or you can pick up some handmade ones from craft stalls, Etsy and Not on the Highstreet – I particularly like this offering from them.

Chocolate & Sweet Treats

Who doesn’t want something sweet and with so many limited edition chocolates out there they are an easy present to pick up. Tony’s have some lovely Christmas flavours or why not try a vegan version with a Moo Free selection box. I would also recommend hot chocolate stirrers – paired with a new cute mug this is the perfect present for someone who enjoys cosy nights in.

Lotions & Potions

The Body Shop does the perfect handbag versions of handcreams and hand sanatisers which I personally thinks are some of the best stocking fillers; nice to look at, a little bit luxurious but also practical so they will actually get used. Or why not buy a bath bomb or bubble bar from Lush for anyone who likes a bit of pampering. My favourites this year are Snowball and The Golden Pudding . If you’re feeling particulary crafty then you could give making your own soap a go!


Some people might hate getting socks but I am a big fan because it saves me buying them throughout the year, so I am all for it. If you are looking for sustainable and ethical options than Bam Clothing and Thought are my favourites plus they do novelty ones as well.

Tiny Tipples

If you love a cheeky gin & tonic or maybe like adding a smidge of Baileys to your hot chocolates, minatures are the perfect stocking filler. Why not try something new from a local brand to you. I am loving the Silent Pool minatures and am gifting quite a few this Christmas. You could even gift a tonic water or other mixer to go with it so they can crack it straight open on Christmas (please drink responsibly)

Skincare Solutions

The perfect gift to someone just starting their sustainable journey is reusable face pads. Face Halo are fantastic but you can find a lot of smaller sellers online or at local markets or you could give making them a go. The ones in the photo are from Nadia Rose but I would also recommend Cheeky Wipes as well if you are after some funky designs.

What are you hoping to get in your stocking this Christmas?

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