Meet the Underwear Made out of Seaweed

and no it doesn’t smell like the sea!

I first came across Alexander Clementine on Tik Tok, I followed them because I was intrigued about the use of seaweed in underwear. We’ve all heard about using Bamboo to make active wear, underwear and socks but seaweed was a new one, for me. You can read the full breakdown of how and why on their website but in a nutshell, it’s a renewable source, which uses recycled water to create plus their company is based in London with no sweatshops involved.

I ordered their black seaweed triangle bra and after a small delay in it arriving I was unboxing the beautiful piece. It is one of the softest things I had ever owned and feels so luxurious. As someone who is smaller busted it’s much easier to wear soft bra’s but they do have adjustable straps and a thicker under band so they do provide a good amount of support. Anyone who wears a bra needs a classic black one and this is the perfect mix of practical but sensual.

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