Meet the Swimwear Made Out of Recycled Rubbish

This swimsuit is rubbish. Literally.

Finding sustainable swimwear has been really hard especially when you want to keep the budget under £100, so when I saw Batoko online I knew I needed one of their swimsuits! All of the designs are super funky and made from recycled plastic waste intercepted on the way to landfill. The brand itself not only produces ethical and sustainable swimwear but they also run their workplace on renewable energy, their fabric suppliers have a long term goal of zero-waste production and use compostable, recyclable and recycled materials wherever they can.

So enough about how great the company is, is the swimsuit comfortable? Yes. It’s fully lined so nothing shows up when it’s wet, it covers everything no sideboob or bum cheek poking out and its tight enough that it fits in all the right places but isn’t too hard to get on and off. Plus how could I resist the cutest Narwhal design (my sister has the Orca design and I am very tempted by the Lobster one). Did I mentioned they are only £50!

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