Looking at The Positives of Lock Down Life

Monday 17th. Whose looking forward to a pint inside and a hug from their mum?

Hope you are all enjoying cautiously hugging your nearest and dearest today. As we slowly come out of lock down I wanted to reflect on what parts of being locked down and covid secure I’ve actually secretly enjoyed and what positives could come out of this crazy time.

Although hugging my mum is my first priority today – sorry work inbox you’ll just have to wait, what I won’t miss is that feeling of having to hug or shake hands with people you barely know. We’ve all got on fine this last year or so with a simple hello and a nod of the head; I’m quite happy for that to continue. Don’t get me wrong I love human contact but you’ve got to earn that!

Limits on people in places. I know the queue round the block for Waitrose in the rain is not the best feeling but how much nicer is it to not be jostled around once your inside, no-one breathing down your neck whilst your choosing which avocado is best.

This also applies to pubs, not having to wait 8 deep at the bar for a drink but instead walk in, be seated and have the drink bought to me at the table. I think this one will divide people because I know pub culture – standing at the bar chatting with the staff etc. is very popular but I much prefer knowing I’ve got a table and that I won’t have to stand for an age waiting for a drink.

Spending more time doing things for myself. On furlough I realised how much time I spend just scrolling on my phone and not actually doing anything. I really got into crafting and have managed to continue to work into my routine. As work picks back up i’m hoping I can keep it up but I think a lot of people have realised how little time they actually put aside for themselves until lock down when all we could do was do things for ourselves.

General hygiene and cleaning, why weren’t the tubes and public areas cleaned as much as they are now. Hand sanitizers in and out of shops, will make everything cleaner for everyone. I’m hoping they’ll be a permanent fixture.

Another thing that may divide people is masks, I think it would be great if that on public transport they became more normal to everyday life, like in some parts of Asia. I will certainly be continuing to wear one; especially if I’m sick. I started wearing one from the beginning of the pandemic when they weren’t compulsory and I haven’t had one cold.

Covid has been an awful time but i’m looking at the positives that could come from this crazy experience. What parts of lock down life would you like to keep if any?

Photos taken at Holkham Beach May 2021

3 thoughts on “Looking at The Positives of Lock Down Life

  1. Lock down helped me fall in love with myself and enjoy my own company as opposed to always wanting company to make me feel I have a fun life😊that I’m happy about

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