The Best £10 I’ve Ever Spent

I love a charity shop bargain as much as the next person and I can’t wait for them to re-open. Don’t get me wrong Depop is all well and good but I think often the prices are a little too high plus it uses Paypal which means I normal get my bank account hacked afterwards.


Often a lot of people just don’t like the idea of charity shop clothing because it’s things people don’t want so they are assuming its grubby old t-shirts and out of style dresses, which yes there can be that as well but it’s such a great way to pick up a bargain and give clothes a new lease of life. The stigma against secondhand has lifted slightly with more and more content creators talking about sustainable style but I often get surprised looks from friends when they compliment me on something and I say it was from a charity shop.

I’ve had this jacket now I think for around 8 – 9 years and it’s the best charity shop find ever. It was £10 for a men’s real leather Gap jacket. Yes it has a few ink stains on one of the sleeves but otherwise it’s in top notch condition. It’s big enough that i can fit a big sweatshirt underneath and not feel like the Michelin man but also I prefer a baggy style jacket.

My Top Tips for Charity Shop Shopping

  1. Choose which shops you go to. I live in a more middle class area which means I am more likely to find designer brands at a fraction of the cost and in good condition as sadly there is very much a wear once and then giveaway state of mind where I live. I’ve never gone to the Chelsea/Notting Hill charity shops but I bet there is some amazing stuff there.

2. Don’t go looking for a certain item because more than likely you won’t find it on your first try. I just love to pop in for a browse whenever i’m in town and eventually something will catch your eye.

3. Visit them often, there is new items being donated all the time so going once a month is going to mean you might miss out on the best pieces.

4. Even though it’s secondhand doesn’t mean you have to buy it, you should still consider if it will fit well with your wardrobe and the longevity of the piece.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask to look or try on the items in the window. That’s often where the best bits are put and they are still for sale!

What’s the best thing you’ve ever bought from the charity shop?

4 thoughts on “The Best £10 I’ve Ever Spent

  1. Great tips! I’ve bought quite a few great items from charity shops, mostly a lot of blouses but I bought a green bag for £6 a couple of years ago and it’s one of the bags I wear the most.

  2. Best purchases so far (excluding hundreds, possibly thousands of books over the years) – 2 tweed jackets, an Aberdeen Tweed Hardy Amies jacket for £25 (it’s older than I am but in better condition than me!) and a Harris Tweed jacket for £20. Add on a few quid to get the jackets dry cleaned and it’s still 10% of the “new” price

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