The Bamboo Bra Your Boobs Will Thank You For

The comfiest underwear that’s good for you and our planet.

As part of the smaller chest society I spent most of my teenage years wearing incredibly uncomfortable, push up bras with so much wire in them when I took them off my bra was imprinted into my skin. Luckily, I’ve got over all of that nonsense and absolutely love a fabric bralette or simple basic triangle bar with no wiring etc. However I had no sustainable or ethical ones in my collection, so when my favourite one fell apart when it came out of the wash I decided it was time to do some research into what was out there on the market that would be good for me but also not harmful to the planet or the people who made it. Cue Boody coming up at the top of my search.

My sister was already a lover of them and the ethics of the brand fitted what I look for; the use bamboo to make their items which is a sustainable product source, there is also less water usage when using bamboo. Boody also is certified as gold standard of WARP (read more here) so you can buy them with the knowledge that their garment workers are being treated fairly. I ordered the Shaper Bra, it looks a lot like a sports bra which suits me perfectly but if you are more of a triangle bra lover then they might not be your style. I went for classic black but they have a number of different colours. There are no uncomfortable straps digging in and no clasps to undo it’s just a throw over your head and be comfortable item. Instead of cup sizes it’s done in XS – XL. As a 32A normally I went for XS and it fits perfectly.

It’s the most comfortable bra whilst still giving support, if you prefer a little shaping then they do have a padded version and if you want a new sports bra or just prefer a racer back they have that style as well. This might not be a bra you wear for your other half but for everyday it’s the perfect choice and I will definitely be adding more to my collection as and when I need.

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