50 Days Till I Say I Do

Planning a pandemic wedding is not a bed of roses (obviously).

I haven’t really been keeping my wedding diary since my last post because I can’t keep up with all the rules and regulations and constantly having to refine our guest list etc. and just writing how annoying and slightly depressing it is isn’t really the content I want to be putting out. So I thought the 50 day mark was a good time to check in and then leave the wedding posts until after the big day when I’ll actually be able to write my final thoughts on planning a pandemic proof wedding and also all the lovely little details that went into making the day special because despite it not being the original wedding I’d planned it’s still going to be a beautiful day.

We can currently get married (thank goodness) we’re just keeping everything crossed for no local lockdowns. Hen Do’s & Stag Do’s are pretty much postponed unless a miracle happens but I know that despite all the crap that’s been thrown our way when I say ‘I Do’ it will be worth it.  I do however sometimes think maybe we should have just postponed everything until next year not just the reception but I also want something nice to look back on for 2020 instead of it just being a shit year, props to anyone else who has persevered and commiserations to people who have postponed!

50 days until I don’t change my name but I do have a piece of paper that says my best friend is also my husband!

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