Big Funny Fest 2019

A circus tent in the middle of a field filled with comedians, sounds good right?!

The Mr and I love comedy, so when I discovered the Big Funny Fest was a thing, near his birthday and our end of the city (Richmond) I quickly snapped up some tickets for their Sunday line up. Why did I pick the Sunday? Because it meant we got to see Nish Kumar and Desiree Burch two of our favourites as well as Hal Cruttenden, Mark Dolan and Lou Sanders. Saturday had a pretty sweet line up as well with names like Jason Byrne, Mark Watson and Phil Wang performing.


Top – H&M|Trousers – H&M (similar)|Shoes – Converse|Bag – House of Fraser (similar).

On a slightly cloudy afternoon we set off for the mini festival and were greeted with the delightful site of food trucks and a big circus tent! It wasn’t as bustling as I thought it would be but to be honest that was quite nice, no long queues, places to sit and it meant that there wasn’t a fight for seats once you got into the big top. We grabbed a drink, first Pimms of the season and scoffed some taco’s before snagging front row seats and settling in for the first set. Which was just as awesome as we thought it would be with Nish Kumar headlining. After each show – which included one MC and 3 acts, there was a little interval where you could go out use the loo, get a bite to eat and a drink. You could nip in and out of the show as well it wasn’t strict, very chilled which was the perfect vibe.

We stayed for the whole day and got front row seats for every show, we even got to interact with some of the acts which was hilarious if a little embarrassing, the Mr attracted a lot of attention! Four and a half hours of comedy with twelve amazing comedians it was the absolute dream. The content was varied so there was something for everyone although it was quite political, lot’s of Brexit talk but to be honest I didn’t mind. The wind did pick up towards the end of the evening hence the large cardigan I ended up sporting and if I had one improvement it would be some outside covered seating for between the shows.

This was the first ever Big Funny Fest and I hope it comes back round next year because I will be first line to get tickets!

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