How I Feel About Social Media & Blogging in Today’s Society

Like most people Instagram infuriates me and my blog is my safe space but I think everyone is going back to the roots of these platforms.

Where blogs fit into modern society and whether Instagram is still the most loved platform are pretty much the hot topics at the moment especially since Lush decided to remove themselves from Instagram. Recently I’ve been thinking about these things too and how as I’ve got older my blog has changed. My views have dropped and are much lower than 2 years ago. Now that’s not to say that my content is worse (I’m actually much more proud of my content now than I was two years ago and have done a lot more sponsored post than ever before) or that blogs are dieing out it’s simply because I started writing about what I wanted to instead of appealing to the main stream. I switched to cruelty free makeup and my views dropped because I wasn’t posting about the new lipsticks or cheap eyeshadow. I stopped wearing lipstick all together and switched to more of a lifestyle blog and I got a different type of reader. Do I regret any of that? No of course not. I still love the fact that people read my blog and that I can give my 2 cents on something and people actually listen. My blog has no algorithm to battle or trends to tune in with!


Do I think blogs will rise up over You Tube? Yes! But probably only my age group and above, I’ve stopped watching YouTubers and not really for any particular reason except alot of it is recycled content and you have to skip through some rubbish to find the info you want. Plus lots of the big YouTubers are younger than me so their content just doesn’t appeal. I gave up doing YouTube over 4 years ago and I am so happy I did. It was a lot of stress and comparing myself to others and I don’t have time for that anymore!

Instagram is a bitch; if you care about your reach and your like count which it’s fair to say until about 3 months ago I did. Trying to post new content every day at the right time with the right caption whilst doing a full-time job is bloody difficult and nearly killed me (slight exaggeration) now I post what I want, when I remember too and I still get pretty good engagement on them. I want my followers to see my actual life not something I’ve carefully curated. I felt awkward posing and trying to be editorial when really I’m a 26 year old, standing in the street, asking my mum or boyfriend to take a few snaps of me looking like a looney. Don’t get me wrong there are some influencers killing the Instagram grid, Inthefrow is a huge example of this but I’m never going to be her so I’ll just be me instead and post photos of me having a great time eating doughnuts. Like a lot of people my age I’m trying to limit my screen time. Some of my friends who aren’t that interested in social media don’t struggle with this at all and I’m hoping to take a leaf out of their book because I am a constant scroller. Recently I’ve been trying not to post on Instagram Stories over the weekend until the end of the day so that I’m ‘living in the moment’ instead of capturing it and sharing it straight away. Sometimes I wish I could just cancel my accounts but I don’t think that will ever actually happen.


Do I think I’ll be blogging forever? I have no idea but I’m going to enjoy writing my rambles down while it lasts. What do you think. Are blogs a thing of the past? Is Instagram slowly taking a back seat?

6 thoughts on “How I Feel About Social Media & Blogging in Today’s Society

  1. I really hope that blogging is not becoming a thing of the past. Reading the blogs I love every day is still one of my favourite pass-times. Instagram is totally frustrating!

    1. I don’t think blogs will ever die out! because its your platform so you can do whatever you want and there are no rules – even YouTube has rules on what you can post and they can also choose if your content gets shared etc.

  2. I felt the same way when my numbers dropped. When I was in a different niche my numbers were higher but I was not happy with the content. But I don’t regret it one big about changing!

    1. It’s always tough to see numbers drop but it’s so much nicer to write content you want to!

  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels this way about Instagram! I’m not good at finding good shots and taking lots of interesting photos of myself so trying to “keep up” drives me crazy. I’ve pretty much decided the same as you – I’ll post about my life whenever I think of it, and not worry too much about it.

    P.S. I like the ice cream cone pics and your bag is super cute!

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