How to Survive the First Few Weeks at Your New Job

Take a deep breath and get ready.

Starting a new job is awful. No matter how excited you are for your new job the first day is still as nerve wracking as the first day of school. Seeing as I just started a new job I thought I would offer up my tips on how to navigate the first few weeks to make them more bearable.

In my opinion of the most frightening things when starting a new job is learning the basics, like how the coffee machine works, where the toilets are, lunch breaks etc. now lot’s of the time you might get an orientation to these things – lunch breaks and toilets is almost a given. However the coffee machine if you are not used to using one can be quite scary, so either ask a collegue who seems friendly or wait till the coast is clear and tackle it on your own. Once you’ve done it you’ll feel insantly relaxed and your mornings will probably go a lot easier as you’ll have caffeine racing round your veins.


Don’t stress about not instantly making friends. Depending on how big your office is it you’ll probably talk to a lot of colleagues in your first couple of days but I don’t think you are going to meet your work wife in the first few weeks. I always say that work friends are just a nice extra to going to work, it’s not the be all and end all if you don’t become buddies with everyone. The main point of work is to turn up and do your job then go home and get paid, not to become friends with an entire office.

Have plans for the evenings and weekends to look forward to, in case you’re finding settling in a little stressful. There is no point in going home and stewing about how you didn’t understand you had to double click to save the report. I love a midweek meet up anyway but they are the perfect way to celebrate being halfway through the working week.


Most importantly, you are not the first person to be the newbie everyone else has been there too.

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