How I Saved Money This Festive Season

Pockets feeling a little lighter this year after all that spending, I have a few tips for next year.

This is a blog post to bookmark and come back to (once you’ve read it first) next year (once you’ve read it through once first), probably in about late October early November because it contains a few tips and tricks on how to save money during the festive season which can often be a little spend heavy! Some of this isn’t rocket science – in fact none of it is really but I thought long and hard this year about how I could save some pennies without losing out on quality and lot’s of these were staring me right in the face.


Who is on the nice list…

I think this was the biggest change for me, I felt like I had to buy loads of people presents even though I hadn’t seen or spoken to them properly in months. There is also a lot of pressure to gift your co-workers items and I can imagine if you are a mum there is some pressure to buy things for other parents and teachers etc. So back in November I started thinking about who I actually wanted to gift things to, I wrote a list which really wasn’t that long and then I decided to just buy those people good quality presents – this is not including any Secret Santa shenanigans you might be involved in, which I will get on too later. It’s your money to do with as you please and just because you met them that one time at your friends house and they happen to be going to a Christmas party does not mean you have to buy them a gift!

Start spotting those deals…

This section is for the most organised of you and I know some people like to do a last minute dash on Christmas Eve however I am a lover of deals especially when it comes to the festive time of year. Take advantage of things like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I bought 70% of my Christmas presents for people in these sales; it doesn’t make you a cheapskate those items will go back to full price after a few days and even if you buy something in a normal sale if it’s perfect for the person then who cares if it was 50% off, they are never going to know, nor should they care! If you have loyalty cards then now is the time to use those points you’ve been saving up for god knows how long. I got all of my Christmas gift wrap back in October with loyalty points and a members discount from Paperchase, saved me a fortune! If you are really organised buy things like gift wrap, bows, cards etc. in the January sales when its dead cheap and just store it away for next year.


 Pinterest is your friend…

Not all presents have to purchased from a shop, if you are the creative type why not make something for your friends and family. Be it baked goods or candle holders that extra bit of time and effort can save you pennies, entertain you during the awful British weather and provide your loved ones with a personal gift.

Staying in is the new going out…

I nearly always end up going out for a Christmas reunion with two separate groups of friends but this year we stayed in and hosted our own Christmas dinners. It’s so much cheaper, you can hear each other speak without the table next to you drowning your gossip out with their obnoxious festive cheer and also it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your hostess skills! There are two fair ways of doing it in my eyes, one is that you can all put some money in the kitty and do a communal effort with paying or you can get people to contribute food and drink to the event, so someone brings the drinks, another the pudding etc. Make sure you’ve got crackers with awful jokes and something silly to play after dinner. I would highly recommend Obama Llama. If you want a whole post on how to host a festive event pop it in the comments because I am basically a pro at it now!

The most obvious tip of all…

Secret Santa is the best way to avoid spending too much money! People also won’t be offended if you suggest it in the work place, with old school friends, classrooms etc. because unless they are a millionaire they are probably thinking the same as you *how the hell can I afford all this*. It’s so simple to organise and you can set a reasonable limit which means know one will feel hard done by.

What are your tips for saving money during the festive season?

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