A Good Bra is a Girls Best Friend

Yes I do strut down my hallway pretending I’m a VS Angel. Don’t you?

Now it’s no secret that I love underwear. I have an abundance of it in my possession for no other reason than it makes me feel great and a good bra is important for a woman. I am a big lover of Victoria Secret and when they released the T-shirt Lightly Lined Wireless Bra with logo straps I knew I needed it in my life – slightly dramatic I know!


As much as I love underwear the majority I own is not ‘sexy’, I am a comfort girl at heart and having a bra that makes you feel like you can rule the world is the best thing especially on a down day and that’s what this bra does. It’s described on the website as ‘Soft, wireless cups keep their shape in a t-shirt bra so soft and comfy, you’ll never want to take it off.’ and I agree completely and utterly with the description.

It’s a nylon, spandex mix which means it’s incredibly soft against the skin, and the thicker strap gives even more support. I wear mine in the classic style but you can also make a cross back with the straps which can give even more support if you are larger in the chest area. Even though it’s wireless cups it still gives a lot of lift, I’m a 32A so a bra that gives me a bit more cleavage than normal is also a plus and if it comes in black then I’m sold.

Yes folks you have just read an entire blog post about one bra, but if you are in the market for one or even if you’re not then I would highly recommend this beauty to add to your collection, no matter how big or small it is.

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