My Favourite Face Masks on the Market

There is no such thing as too many face masks.  

It’s no secret that I love a face mask whether it’s a quickie before bed to help brighten up that complexion the next day or a clay mask whilst lounging in a bubble bath. I probably mask four times a week, it’s that little moment of me thing I often reply need.

Now as much as I love picking up the weirdest and wackiest ‘one use’ packets from the aisles of Boots and Superdrug for a girls night in I prefer to have a few in my arsenal of beauty products that I can rely on to give me the right results every single time.

Exfoliate & Cleanse

It almost sounds to old school to be talking about my love of clay masks but they seriously work if you have contested skin that needs a helping hand. As a dry skin girl I don’t tend to use these too much but it’s goof to have one in the cabinet ready and waiting for when I do need it! The Sanctuary Spa Thermal Detox Mask is my favourite one, it’s quick and easy with instant results. Once applied it gently heats up and then after 5 minutes – normally whilst I brush my teeth I wash it off to reveal glowing, hydrated and cleansed skin. If traditional clay masks aren’t your jam and you prefer something a little bit more exfoliating then the Gallinée Face Mask and Scrub is the best option. It combines kaolin clay and seawater minerals along with their Triple Biotic Complex to leave you with radiant skin which has been delicately exfoliated without damaging the skin surface.

Brighten & Hydrate

As a drier skin girl my go to masks are ones that are going to hydrate my skin instantly. This will be no suprise to any of my long term readers but the No7 Hydration Mask is my go to when my skin needs plumping, hydrating and brightening. I use this on clients as well before weddings as it helps give their skin that natural glow before the big day. Another great mask for glowing skin is the Bee Good Necta Perfecta, it’s a multi tasking mask full of enzymes which you can use it on your face, scalp, elbows and hands. If you want one product which can do everything then this is a great one for your stash.

The Wonder Product

This mask is a literal skin life saver, whether you have oily, combination or dry skin you ned this in your skincare kit. The Antonia Burrell 7in1 Mask Supreme promises to hydrate, smooth, detoxify, repair, clarify, illuminate protect and perfect; now that is a lot of promises but it delivers on every single one. After taking off my makeup I apply a good layer of the Mask Supreme onto my skin especially over my nose and leave it for 10 minutes, unlike a classic mud mask this doesn’t stay on top of the skin it sinks in so can also be used as an overnight mask.

I am yet to venture into the sheet mask world but would love any recommendations

2 thoughts on “My Favourite Face Masks on the Market

  1. Hey lovely, what a great round up of face masks! I absolutely adore face masks myself as well. Your description of the Antonia Burrell mask really makes me to get it eventually (can’t justify £57 on a face mask though :O ). In terms of sheet masks, Korean brands are your best bet.
    Thanks for sharing these products!
    Laura /

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