Meet My Skins New French Best Friend

The products that are making me feel like a french supermodel…


When Gallinée got in contact with me to see if i’d like to try some of their products I won’t lie I let out a little squeal. Mainly because I had spied them recently online and was quite intrigued to try them out, plus my cousin already uses some of their products and loves them! Gallinée skincare line has a Triple Biotic Complex which includes Probiotics, Prebiotics and Lactic acid which all take care of the skin and works with our natural bacterial ecosystem – it sounds weird but whatever they are doing it works!



They very kindly sent me three items to try and I’ve been trialling them for a good couple of weeks. First up let’s talk about their Body Milk, it’s a lightweight creamy moisturiser that deeply hydrates without leaving that sticky feeling, so you can put your clothes on straight away and go about your day. I use this on a daily basis all over the body, its packed full of natural ingredients and works with your skins PH to bring out the best in your body.

Next up was their Face Mask and Scrub which I was super excited about, you know me I love a good face mask! After cleansing your face apply to your skin massage in and then leave for five minutes before rinsing off. It combines kaolin clay and seawater minerals along with their Triple Biotic Complex to leave you with radiant skin which has been delicately exfoliated without damaging the skin surface.

Hand cream is a daily necessity and I have one in every bag and coat pocket, so I was happy to add to my collection with their Hand Cream. Its light weight, fast absorbing and leaves your hands feeling softer and nourished. I was trying to describe the scent to my mum the other day and the only way I could was ‘it just smells of France’ -it’s a fresh, clean scent.

Whether your a skincare junkie or not you need to check this amazing brand out, I’ve already got a wish list as long as my arm, including the Youthful Serum and the Cleansing Bar.

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