How to Create the Perfect Gin & Tonic


If you’ve ever met me then you probably know that I love a gin & tonic, especially as the weather get’s warmer and the nights grow longer. Gin is definitely having ‘a moment’ so I thought what better time to natter on about one of my favourite things, but remember to drink responsibly!

First up let’s talk about the gin itself. I am a self proclaimed gin snob, so I prefer the more premium brands. Sipsmith is a great basic but good gin to have in one’s drinks cabinet – it’s an easy drinker. However I am also a big fan of the smaller ‘craft’ gins like Silent Pool, Little Bird and Cotswolds gin but gin like most things is very personal. So once you’ve picked your gin, next up is tonic – again i’m quite particular about tonic water and Fevertree wins hands down, especially their Mediterranean tonic.


Okay so you’ve got your gin & tonic, plus a glass of ice because there is no excuse not to have a glass full of ice. Now it’s time to accessorise and enhance with a garnish or two.


Traditionally a wedge of lime, squeezed and dropped in is my go to – if you even think of putting a lemon in my glass our friendship is over! Lime is the perfect partner to most gins but if you want to get a little bit more creative then strawberries are an amazing garnish, plus who doesn’t want to eat gin soaked strawberries after finishing their drink.

If strawberries aren’t enough for you then mix it up by adding some black pepper to your strawberries – Martin Millers perfect serve. But if fruit isn’t your thing then a sprig of mint is a more delicate garnish and doesn’t change the gin too much.

What’s your perfect serve?

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