Meet the Lip Balm Replacing Lipstick in my Life

I have a lipstick confession to make…

Albus & Flora Multi Active Tinted Lip Balm in Mountain Rose£12.00

Now this may come as a shock to some but I very rarely wear lipstick! It sounds weird and I feel almost guilty admitting that as a blogger, I only own three lipsticks. I hate having to re-apply them all the time and ending up with that horrible build up in the corners of your mouth plus the other half isn’t the biggest fan of being covered in lipstick kisses and I always feel like some awkward auntie having to clean it off him with a thumb afterwards –  apart from my MDM Flow Liquid Lipsticks which are ace and you only have to apply once with no transfer!


However when I was introduced to the Albus & Flora tinted balms the whole game changed. Now obviously I knew there were tinted lip balms on the market but I usually found them overly tinted in frosted pinks and reds which made me look like a 90’s bratz doll and lots of them weren’t moisturising enough. The Albus & Flora balms aren’t overly wet when applied, they have a creamy formula that is packed full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and various omegas with the added benefit of SPF 30. Once applied  your lips immediately feel nourished.  Mountain Rose is very lightly tinted to give a ‘your lips but better’ effect, you don’t need a mirror to apply it and it’s not tinted enough that if you go over the edges of your lips you’re going to look like Miranda Sings.


So if like me you’re not the biggest lipstick fan or you’re just looking for a bloody brilliant lip balm make sure you check these out!

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