Discover Ocean Liners: Speed and Style at The V&A

Discover the romantic and remarkable age of ocean travel at the V&A.

This is a PSA that if you love design, fashion or history, you should really check out the Ocean Liners exhibition at the V&A.

If you didn’t already know the V&A opens late on a Friday, so if you’re worried about missing exhibitions because your weekends are filled with bottomless brunches, spa days and shopping sprees – or just nursing a hangover watching Friends for the 500th time – then you can pop into town after work on a Friday and catch a multitude of exhibitions. The mother and I have made this a little bit of a routine and last Friday we popped into town to explore Ocean Liners: Speed & Style.


I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect and was slightly skeptical on how there could be a whole exhibition about cruise liners, but everything was just gorgeous and completely over the top which made me love it even more! The exhibition takes you on a first class trip through the ages of cruise liner design and how it’s shaped the modern cruise. Not only are there beautiful pieces of furniture, artwork and advertisements but they have some treasures from ocean liners that have sunk to the bottom of the sea. When the Lusitania sunk this Cartier diamond and pearl tiara owned by Lady Marguerite Allan was saved from the chaos by her maid.


Having been on a cruise myself I wish they were still as stylish and glamorous as back in the day, especially the uniforms which look like something out of a Wes Anderson film.

Possibly one of the most exciting things on display was this wooden panel fragment from an overdoor in the first-class lounge on Titanic. At first I thought it was just the prop door from the film but this is the original and it is the first time it has been displayed in Europe.

Ocean Liners: Speed and Style is on until June so make sure you pop up to London to cruise through the exhibition.

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