Life in Death

Exploring ‘Life in Death’ at Kew Gardens.Having visited Kew Gardens on numerous occasions I was surprised to hear that there were art galleries dotted amongst the spacious botanical gardens. Intrigued the mother and I popped along one Sunday to check out the newest installation by Rebecca Louise Law: ‘Life in Death’.



Rebecca Louise Law is an installation artist who specialises in artworks made with natural materials, particularly flowers.  Life in Death  which is inspired by Kew’s own herbarium collection showcases her personal collection of plants and flowers, dried and preserved over a six year period, they have been hand crafted into a thousand garlands suspended from the ceiling.

It is her most intricate large-scale artwork to date and examines our relationship with flowers and plants and how they are used, particularly through rituals.


Check out the full outfit post here.


‘Life in Death’ is currently housed in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery, which is the first to be dedicated to botanical art. Entrance is included in your entrance fee to Kew and is running until March 2018, so plenty of time for you to plan a visit. Whilst you’re there make sure to check out the quirky Marianne North Gallery next door.

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