This little gem hides itself in the haircare aisle next to the old school brands like Pro:Voke and T-Gel it may be an oldie but it is also a goodie. I was introduced to this leave in conditioner during my training as a Make Up Artist and it has not left my side since. It comes in cream form and a small pea sized amount will tame any fly aways, create shine and help dry ends.

It is a lot like a combination of  a serum, split end remedy and shine spray rolled into a cream that has been used for ages and at under £3.00 you can’t really say no. It might not look fancy but it can work magic; however make sure you don’t use too much of this as it can make your hair look a little bit greasy.

Although it looks like something your grandma might use this is a inexpensive and fantastic alternative to all those other lotions and potions for taming, shining and conditioning.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO