First Year in Our Home

Home Sweet Home.

The Mr and I have been in our little flat for a year now and we couldn’t be happier; however we’ve learnt a lot so I thought I would share some thoughts and tips.

You will learn a completely different side to your partner and compromise will be your new favourite word, some people apparently like to live with wet towels on the bed!

You won’t have the perfect flat straight away. Even after a year you won’t have got all the furniture you want or put up all the pictures you have in storage. Remember how I promised I was going to blog about how we’d decorated each room well we still haven’t finished the living room or the bedroom. I’m hoping that it will be done before Christmas.

Housework is rubbish but no-one else is going to do it; I’ve taken to setting one evening aside to blitz the flat and making sure to keep up with the washing with 3 – 4 washes a week. If you are naturally tidy then you are lucky; I live with a human tornado and am notorious myself for running out of the door because I’m late!

Having your own space is so important. The Mr and I have our own little domains within our flat; he loves being in the kitchen it’s his happy place and he is always cooking up something delicious. I however find myself happiest in our bedroom; blogging, relaxing and of course sleeping. Make sure your residence has space for you to have your own little area, be it an easy chair in the living room or an office space to get creative in.


We still have another year in our flat before we make take the big step and buy somewhere and I’m so excited to see how our first little nest evolves.

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