Balenciaga. Shaping Fashion.

‘A woman has no need to be perfect or even beautiful to wear my dresses. The dress will do all that for her’Cristobal Balenciaga.

I could spend a year or even a lifetime wandering around the V&A finding all of it’s hidden treasures and although their permanent collection is a treat in itself the museum sure knows how to do a special exhibition and their most recent one is no exception. Balenciaga. Shaping Fashion.

The exhibition looks at the work Balenciaga did; how he influenced and continues to influence the fashion world.


The exhibition is the largest collection of Balenciaga in the UK and features over 100 garments.  These along with the history of the man himself and his sketches really bring the show to life.

‘For twenty years he was the major prophet of nearly every major change in silhouette’ Diana Vreeland. 

He was ahead of his time with a ready to wear label available to the masses as well as his couture and tailor made garments for individual clients. His passion was the clothes, his catwalks presented in silence to let the clothes do the talking.

Upstairs is a collection of clothes by designers that have been inspired by Balenciaga proving how influential his work within the fashion industry was and still is. Everything is photo worthy and I would have taken a fair few pieces home if they would let me.



I haven’t even put an eighth of the collection up on the blog I’ll leave the rest for you to discover yourself. The exhibition runs until February next year so you’ve got plenty of time to slot in a visit or two.

‘Christobal Balenciaga, the father of contemporary fashion, is dead, but his influence remains’ Womens Wear Daily 1972.

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