Three to Buy

If you only buy three things this month buy these three!

One of the only things I miss about not doing YouTube anymore is monthly favourite videos, I loved making them and still love watching them. I could do them as a blog post but I feel that often that means a long draggy post which people will get bored by so i thought randomly I would just tell you about three of my current favourites that you should really go out and buy!

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil|Percy & Reed Volumising Spray|The Body Shop Atlantic Seaweed Cream.

I’ve raved about the Balance Me Radiance Fail Oil before on the blog so I shan’t go on too long, but it’s seriously transformed my skin! Two drops in the morning and evening gives me glowing, hydrated skin without any greasy layer, plus I can apply make-up straight over the top no problem. If I forget to use this in my routine I instantly notice if you don’t already use a facial oil try one out, you won’t regret it.

I am a lazy hair person but I recently tried out the Percy & Reed Volumising Spray and it is amazing! I already have a lot of volume in my hair but when i’m on second or even third day sometimes it needs a little help with the bounce and that’s where this beauty comes in. You spray upwards whilst tousling the hair to create instant volume! If you suffer from flat hair or just want an extra boost once in a while this is the solution.

Lastly The Body Shop Atlantic Seaweed Cream; first of all can we talk about the cutest personalisation service that they did at Christmas, love it! This is a gel – cream formula which not only moisturises but refreshes skin at the same time, I can’t wait to use this during the hotter months after being out in the sun all day, because it’s a gel formula it’s very light when you apply so if you’re not a fan of heavy creamy moisturiser then this would be perfect for you. I use it all over the body after a bath or shower.

Apologies if I just made your wish list that tiny bit longer but trust me you won’t regret it!

What are your current favourites?

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