Valentines Day Treats

Accessorize Bras

Valentines Day is the perfect excuse to buy some new underwear, but then so is a grey Monday morning.

Blogger in Accessorize UnderwearBras from Accessorize

The Mr and I don’t celebrate Valentines Day but I love the time running up because there is always beautiful underwear in the shops.

I love underwear; a matching set gives you a sense of confidence and a streak of sexiness something which I lack in day to day life; i’m much more of an awkward soul which is charming in its own way.

Accessorize Bralet

I’m a smaller chested lady so sometimes finding pretty sets can be difficult, but Accessorize has some beautiful pieces. Lot’s of different textures, prints and styles; my drawer is over flowing with bras and knickers from there and i’ve already got my eye on a few pieces; this one and this one.

Blogger in Bed

Whether you’re buying it to share with your other half or just for yourself check out your nearest Accessorize for good quality and great prices.

This post is not sponsored by Accessorize I just love underwear!

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