The Heart of the Home, but Not in my Flat.

Bloggers Kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen, where my boyfriend spends more time than me. 

Inside a blogger kitchen

The first room I though i’d show you is our kitchen; when you move into a new space it’s often the bit you can’t really change. We were really lucky with our kitchen; our ‘white goods’ and cupboards were all in place and in good condition so it was more about accessorising and making sure we had enough storage space.

Bloggers Kitchen

It’s a relatively small space but we still have room for our coffee machine, toaster and kettle. All very important for caffeine addicts and quick breakfasts.

Cute Cutlery Storage

Cutlery can take up a lot of space in a drawer so we decided to utilise our counter tops and have it on display. These cute holders I actually took from work *Sorry not Sorry* working in hospitality means you get sent some cool stuff and I love how these look. I don’t think you can buy these but I found these which are pretty similar!

Cute Crockery

The kitchen is very much the Mr’s domain I’m mainly in there to make a cup of tea which means I get to pick the crockery. Anything from Anthropologie, Oliver Bonas or John Lewis gets my vote. Good quality and beautiful designs.

And that’s my kitchen, not the most exciting room in our flat and also not my dream kitchen but that will happen in the future and for now i’m happy with this little one.

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