At Home Facial

Cruelty Free Facial

If I could go to the spa every week I would but sometimes the spa has to come to me, from my bathroom cabinet in my small one bedroom flat. 

Who doesn’t love a facial, especially in this miserable winter weather. I’ve got the five perfect products to pamper yourself at home with an at home facial.

At Home Facial Products

Aurelia Miracle Cleanser|Bee Good Necta Perfecta Beautifying Mask.

If I have any make-up on or have had a long day then I like to cleanse my face before starting; the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser leaves my skin feeling fresh and moisturised, it’s packed full of probiotics and peptides to help hydrate and brighton the skin. After i’ve washed that away I pop a good layer of the Beautifying Mask by Bee Good; a blend of British honey, beeswax & natural plant waxes it locks in moisture and helps dehydrated skin as well as prepping your skin for the other treatments.

2nd Step in at home facial

Sanctuary Spa Detox Mask|N07 Hydration Mask|No7 Dry Skin Day Cream.

The next step is to clear out any impurities from my skin and I love the Sanctuary Spa Thermal Detox Mask, it gently heats up when applied to your skin opening up your pores and drawing out all the impurities in your skin and then when you wash it off your skin is left clear, smooth and still hydrated. If you suffer from dry skin like I do then the No7 Hydration Mask is the perfect next step, I apply a good layer all over my face, leave it for 10 minutes and wash it off to leave my skin plump, hydrated and radiant. To finish off your little pamper session apply a good layer of moisturiser. I am still loving the No7 Day Cream for Dry/Very Dry Skin it locks in all the moisture and smoothes your skin.

I wouldn’t recommend making this a daily thing but whenever you need a moment to relax or if your skin is feeling like it needs some love then this will sort it right out.

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