Building Your First Nest

London Blogger Moves House

Back in August the Mr and I moved into our first little home together and we couldn’t be happier.

In July the Mr asked me if i’d like to move in with him, two months later we were settling down for our first night in our new flat and I finally knew exactly what people meant when they said ‘moving house is one of the most stressful life events’. I’d only moved once before; into my university house which consisted of me loading half my life into a car and cramming it into one room; this time I had a whole flat to furnish and another person to consider. The Mr has moved lots in his life so was as cool as a cucumber, I was more like a headless chicken, so as always whenever i’m in flap I turned to the internet but this time found nothing about first time moving.

So I thought now we are a little more settled I would do a few posts about building your first nest either with your other half or on your own; as we get each room sorted i’ll be uploading a post on how we got there with some interior design ideas thrown in as well. In the meantime here are a few tips and tricks for when your looking and moving.

Shop around; your going to be living there for a good chunk of time, hopefully you are in no rush to move so you can take your time finding the perfect place. We looked at 3 places before finding the perfect one we were lucky it can take 5 or 10 places before you walk through the door and think this could be my home.

Location; think about how close it is to work, family, school what ever is important to you; sometimes its worth paying more if your journey into work is then going to cost you less.

Starting from scratch; don’t be scared of renting an unfurnished flat, it means you have the reins to create the perfect living space instead of feeling like your living in someone else’s flat.

Start packing early; it’s never to early to start getting your stuff organised, it’s also a great opportunity to sort out your belongings, start by packing the things you definitely need and then look at whats left, do you really need that shirt you haven’t worn in 3 years?

Unpacking; takes twice as long as packing so don’t worry if 3 months in there is still a few packing boxes you’ll get there eventually.

Moving is stressful but you certainly get a feeling of satisfaction as your little nest starts to come together.

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