Meeting the Locals

Seals on Blakeney Point

Getting the Mr’s seal of approval.

Blakeney village sign

What we thought would be a cloudy day turned into a glorious sunny one as we headed to Morston along the coastal path.

Coastal walk to Morston

There are a few seal trip companies you can book with but my family always go with Beans Boats and this year was no different!

Morston QuaySeals on Blakeney PointCommon Seals on Blakeney Point

A short slightly bumpy boat ride and we could see their friendly little faces peering at us from the end of Blakeney Point mildly uninterested as we craned, cameras and iphones waving in the air as though David and Victoria were on the beach, although furrier, fatter and much cuter.

Blakeney Point

Our little boat trip let us land on Blakeney Point itself where we were left with half an hour to explore the historic bit of land.

Off Blakeney PointBlakeney Point Boat TripBefore being collected and taken back to Morston, just in time to pop back into Grey Seal Coffee for a lunch time coffee.Blakeney Quay Low Tide

Leaving the Mr having a short nap after all the excitement mum and I decided to take a wander round the quay.

Boat in Blakeney QuayRainbow in Blakeney

The weather started to turn as we hurried back to the warmth of the cottage to get ready for dinner.

Autumn Squash at Wiveton Bell

I wanted to show the Mr one of the best places to eat in Norfolk so we took him for dinner at the Wiveton Bell and as always they did not disappoint. I kicked everything off with there Autumn Squash dish; Roast Autumn Squash, Caramelised Honey, Norfolk Tawny, Sorrel & Hazelnut Pesto a tasty autumnal dish. The other two wolfed down their dishes before I could get a snap but they would highly recommend the Roast Norfolk Partridge, Confit Leg with Celeriac, Baked Apple, Walnut Granola and Wild Norfolk Stone Bass with Dashi Potato, Charred Leeks, Onions and Buttermilk.

Desserts at Wiveton Bell

The sweet tooth definitely hit all of us, 4 desserts between the 3 of us and none of us regretted the decision.

Norfolk Blackberry Parfait

I opted for the Norfolk Blackberry Parfait with Apple and Custard Donuts and Poached Blackberries. Luxerious oozing doughnuts with a light flavoursome parfait, one of the best desserts i’ve ever eaten. The mother picked the same; people wonder where my love of doughnuts comes from!

Brioche Pudding

I had already predicted he would pick the Brioche Pudding with Marmalade, Granola and Baked White Chocolate ‘custard’ and I was proved right, he let me have a tiny bite and it was a little taste of pudding heaven.

Chocolate & Stout Cake at the Wiveton Bell

In the middle ready and waiting for our spoons was the Chocolate and Stout Cake with Salted Caramel Ice – Cream and Roast Peanuts. The perfect mix of sweet and salty, not too rich the perfect second dessert.

We rolled ourselves back to the car and headed off back to our cottage, my dreams were certainly full of doughnuts.

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