Guest Blogger|7 Unexpected Beach Destinations


I’ve got a guest blogger on the blog today!

I’ve never had a guest blogger before but recently Frank Lee got in touch and asked if he could write a travel post. He’s also very kindly included me in his post Top Travel Blogs to Follow. So read on to see what Frank has to say; obviously it’s not written in my style so it’s just a little change for you guys.

Take it away Frank.

The development of the beach as a popular leisure resort embarked from the mid-19th and is now the global tourist industry. Be it to enjoy the sunset or to relax and inhale the freshness of the cold breeze, people of all walks of life turn towards beaches. Below are some of the widely unexpected beach destinations that one can encounter while travelling.


Cala Gonone, Sardinia

This beach is located at the Italian municipality of Dorgali, Province of Nuoro, in the region of Sardinia. It includes an array of White pebble-and-sand beaches, with serene turquoiseque waters for swimming and snorkeling. Budget wise this beach is affordable and has almost everything to offer that a modern beach does. Scuba diving equipment and beach toys and merchandise can be purchased on discount from Groupon.


Spiaggia di Guvano

Located in Corniglia, Italy, this beach is isolated and has a short trek of in the mountainous Cinque Terre region. Mostly famous for its frequent visits of naturists this beach is an unexpected paradise. Due to no access of electricity and large dark mountainous caves that must be crossed prior reaching this place one might want to pack the right appliances needed for the trip.


Comillas, Cantabria, Spain

Just a short trip from the Spain’s north coast, the refined seaside town of Comillas is popular with Spanish families but largely overlooked by foreign tourists which are why it is included in this list. The town has two fine attractions in beaches: Playa de Comillas, which has a sprinkling of cafes and a small fishing harbor, showers, ice-cream stalls and rock pools to explore; and the wilder Playa de Oyambre, backed by a breath taking nature reserve and the Picos de Europa mount covered in snow.


Amanohashidate, Japan

When one talks about Japan a picture of a metropolitan and technologically advanced place comes to mind. This beach is surely a breakaway place from the conventional busy lifestyle of Japan. The view here is breathtaking from the top, which also includes a cable-chair ride which leaves you in awe, and the observation deck with variety of activities at the top are relaxing. It definitely justifies its acclaim as one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, just translating the name which literally gives you “bridge to Heaven”.


Glass Beach (Fort Bragg, California)

This beach is made up of ears of dumped litter! Which sounds grotesque but it looks far better than it sounds. Located at MacKerricher State Park near Fort Bragg it is one of the most unexpected places but yet is now visited by tens of thousands of tourists yearly. Recently A clean-up programme removed all the metal and non-biodegradable waste with the waves devouring down the glass and pottery, resulting in washed up as jewel-like, translucent stones. Several endangered and protected native plants can also be seen and observed here such as the hybrid Menzies’ wallflower.


Playa Del Amor (Hidden Beach), Mexico

The famous “love beach”, also called the “hidden beach” is located in the Marietas Islands. The beach is a popular tourist destination once was used as military testing purposes by the Mexican government. Access to this beach is via crescent within a gaping circular hole in the landscape, which is accessible via swimming or boating through a long tunnel. You never know you can be lucky with the bonus of possibly spotting a humpback whale which will certainly make your day.


Las Salinas Beach (SES Salines)

Last on the list is the beach in Ibiza, this beach is crystal clear and really mild and calm. One has to be really on the lookout for jellyfish stings and crabs while strolling along. Also known as a place to party a bar is located within the vicinity along with a soundtrack of gently thudding bass drums with people mingling with each other and enjoying the mood. For an afternoon of DJ trance raving and partying with picturesque scenery, this beach has you covered.


Let me know whether you like having guest bloggers on the blog in the comments below!

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