They see me rollin…

I’m soy sorry I opened this post with a sushi pun.

The Mr couldn’t celebrate my birthday on the actual day due to work so he took me out a few days after to celebrate. First stop was Laduree for some Macaroons which we had devoured before I could take a quick snap.


Top – Miss Selfridge (similar)|Jeans – ASOS|Boots – New Look (similar)

Seeing as we were heading into London quite early in the day I didn’t want to get too dressed up so opted for a more smart casual approach.

We dined at Sticks’n’Sushi, Denmarks take on Japanese cuisine. And trust me even if you don’t like sushi you will love this place!


We kicked everything off with some fantastic cocktails, Rozu for me; a fruity martini of lychee and raspberry with gin and rose blossom and a Nikko Pancho for him; a refreshing mix of orange infused rum mixed with goji berry liquor, pineapple juice and lemongrass syrup.

With such a beautiful menu full of choice we went for The Upgrade, the perfect sharer plate for two which showcases some of the best parts of the menu.


To stop our stomachs from rumbling we were greeted with Edamame Beans with salt and lemon but more importantly one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten Kani Korokke; creamy crab croquettes paired with a salty citrus tasting wasabi ceaser dressing. We both could have eaten at least two more portions.


Luckily the main event arrived before our eyes could get too big for our stomachs. A selection of Nigiri, Maki, Tatki and Rice Paper Rolls with Duck and Goma. Words can’t really describe how good the sushi is at this place, it’s perfectly made with a fantastic blend of flavours.


Now the sticks part of the menu didn’t make complete sense until these beauties turned up. Emmental Cheese wrapped in Bacon, just look at that ooze, juicy Chicken with Chilli Dip and succulent Lamb Chop with Miso Herb Butter.


In desperate need of some new refreshment we ordered more cocktails Yuzu Zoo, a citrus martini and a Hotaru, apple and rum the perfect combination.


We just about had room for a dessert trio. White Chocolate Mousse with foam of berries sprinkled with liquorice, the liquorice adds that little something something to the already gorgeous dessert, Dark Chocolate Balls filled with caramel and covered with toasted sesame seeds, rich and decadent and we finished up with Dark Chocolate Fondant with the surprise core of a caramel and peppermint.

Fit to burst we rolled ourselves back into the sunshine for the next part of my birthday treat.



The Book of Mormon is one of the most hilarious shows I have ever seen and if you get a chance to see it jump on it, you’ll be rolling in the aisles.


We walked back through the neon glitter of the city before collapsing giggling and still slightly too full into our bed.

2 thoughts on “Sticks|N|Sushi

  1. What great birthday celebrations! The food and cocktails look *so* good! A Sticks ‘N’ Sushi recently opened up near me, in Cambridge–after seeing your photos I am definitely going to be dining there soon!

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